AKC Registered Shiba Inu


Five Weeks Old

Four are reserved

The babies are eating puppy food and nursing less on mommy this week (an adjustment for both babies and mommy). They are in full swing of their personalities. They have very sharp teeth we refer to as razor blades. They like to jump and play in their playpen where they spend their day and in the night night pen where they spend their night with mommy. Very active little ones.

Black and Tan Female ~ RESERVED

This little girl LOVES to be held and LOVES her mommy very much.

Black and Tan Male ~ RESERVED

This little man lets his presence be known.

Red Sesame Male (Sammy) ~ RESERVED

This little guy is gorgeous, a bit shy but so cuddly.

Little Red Female ~ Available

So tiny but always ready to be picked up down to the tip of her wiggling tail.

Big Red Female (Ginger) ~ RESERVED

She sits so pretty while waiting for her turn to be loved or ...  whatever.