AKC Registered Shiba Inu

Six weeks old

Six weeks, wow!!!  Almost to the finish line (for us). All babies have distinct personalities, eating puppy food really well and all seem to have a huge capacity for love and snuggles.  FurParents get ready because your FurBabies are almost ready to come home.
This week we tried something different with our "photo booth" lol we used the back of our Jeep Wrangler draped with blankets and all puppies thoroughly enjoyed the new adventure/location.
All pups have a veterinarian appointment July 27, 2015. 

Butters had a ball today running behind the blanket but he is also a boy who needs to come get love in between adventures, you know, just to remind you he's cute and all.

Meeka's tail seems to never stop wagging, hence the fact that in A LOT of her pictures she seems not to have one, she is also a very playful girl who produces a lot of blur.

Ryuk also loved playing in the blanket tunnel and exploring this new playground but, like Butters, he had to reassure us that we are loved (teehee).

Neo is one beautiful little man!! Full of energy and love.

Hachiko didn't understand our decor and thus repeatedly rearranged it to suit himself.  Him and Neo are still hard to tell apart, thank goodness we know the subtleties and color coded collars.  Hachiko, therefore, is also a beautiful little man with a loving heart and full energy tank.