AKC Registered Shiba Inu

Three Weeks Old

Three weeks and the babies are getting more and more active (excuse me while I scream lol just kidding).  Precious and cuddly looking little ones. The pictures below (one each) are the best pictures out of approximately 11 pictures each.  I think Suki was snubbing us as if to say, "Off with you, a star must rest!!"  Without  further ado, here are the stars of this show!!!  


Our Black & Tan Female is still (shockingly) available. She is so precious, just the right mix of play and sleep.  Picture day may not be her favorite day but she posed, we shot, tadaa!!!


This little man looks so much like a little polar bear it is ridiculous, especially when he rolls onto his back and his tongue sticks out just the tiniest bit.