AKC Registered Shiba Inu

Two weeks old

All pups are

1 Red Male (Butters)
1 Red Female  (Meeka)
1 Black & Tan Male (Ryuk)
1 Cream Male
1 Cream Male

Cream One Male is a tiny bit larger than Cream Two Male and more active (right now). Cream One has his eyes open while Cream Two only has one eye open. Cream Two appears to be more "fuzzy" than Cream One but all of these differences could change next week. One thing is for sure, they are both adorably cute.

Cream One

Cream Two

Butters is a nuzzle bunny, the more he gets held the better he thinks.

Meeka can take nuzzling or leave it most days.  She is too precious and adorable right now.

Talk about adorable and you have to think of Ryuk. He is so laid back right now that when it is nap time it is NAPTIME!! Nothing seems to bother this kid.