AKC Registered Shiba Inu

Two Weeks Old

Some of the little ones have their eyes open this week, some are still working on getting them there.  Some are walking on all fours without dragging the belly while others are still trying.  Some, as you can see, don't like picture time and either try to get away, which make their pictures blurry, or ignore the process and sleep. Enjoy cuteness overload in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


Black & Tan Female

Someone has her eyes open so we tried to get all up-close and personal, she is one that definitely wanted to get away 

                                                            see????    👇

White Male

I thought this one was going to pull the same thing because he started to wiggle and protest but then ....

                                                  well ....       👇


Maya (Darker Red Female)

So cute, so precious so .....

                                           *sigh* getting away ...   👇

Keiko (White Female)

Aaaand sleep 

Lighter Red Female

This one's attempt to get away was to roll herself over, yea, didn't work.

Red Male

This little man .... he tried the sleep tactic but then he had to 



from all the exhaustion of sleeping.